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Wednesday: Come to the water and Mr McMarvo!

By hcpt154, Apr 20 2017 06:09AM

We had more fun in the sun on Wednesday! In the morning, we had our water liturgy where we washed in the water (each other hands) remembering our Baptism. We then spent the morning playing games on the prairie, where we played football, bowles, and swapped badges with other HCPT pilgrims. We returned to the hotel for lunch of sausage and mash, and then we joined the other HCPT groups from the South of England for Mass. Two children in our group read prayers and one of uscarried the banner. Afterwards, we took a ride round Lourdes on the Dotto Train, and got to see all the sites that we hadnt had time to go to, and we sang lots of songs as we dottoed through Lourdes. The train even went past our hotel. We then returned to our hotel and transformed ourselves into animals for our animal themed party. There were all sorts of animals from elephants to flamingoes, foxes to crocodiles. We played some party games, and then we had a visit from Mr McMarvo, the magician. He enteratined everyone with his magic tricks, and got some of the children, and Claire to help him! Afterwards, we had dinner followed by our group meeting and night prayers, then the children went to bed, to prepare for our next exciting day tomorrow: the Trust Mass with all 2000 HCPT pilgrims!

Our tiger and zebra ready for the party
Our tiger and zebra ready for the party
Mr McMarvo with his 154 assistants
Mr McMarvo with his 154 assistants
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