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Tuesday: Hosanna House and the torchlight procession

By hcpt154, Apr 20 2017 06:01AM

Today we had our Group photograph, taken by a French photographer. Afterwards, we took a bus to Hosanna House, a house owned by HCPT in the country. We went to church, with Group 71, who come from Mid Sussex and Brighton, and then spent the rest of our time, enjoying our picnic lunch, admiring the amazing views, playing games and petting the animals. There were baby goats, rabbits, guinea pigs and sheep. Lots of us stroked the animals, and some s of the baby sat on our laps and we gave them a cuddle. We got the bus back to Lourdes, and had ice cream and sorbet in a French café, before some free time to write postcards and do some shopping.

One of the children had arranged a Disney party, which involved playing Disney music, whilst making crowns and colouring in pictures. We all joined in, and spent a relaxing hour chilling before dinner. After dinner, some of us children and helpers joinedin the torchlight procession (a couple were so tired they had an early night) and by the time they returned to the hotel, almost everyone was asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows!

torchlight procession
torchlight procession
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